2005-03-29: born and raised in south detroit.

2005-03-03: dear peanut butter cup.

2005-03-29: fuzzy slippers on your teeth.

2003-11-03: CROTCH FUNK.

2003-11-03: the chicken strips at wendys are pretty tasty!! surprisingly.

2003-09-22: feeling-fighters.

2003-09-15: a list of things i learned last weekend.

2003-09-04: squeak squeak.

2003-08-25: yoshimi battles the lunch robots.

20 May 2003: Flowcharts

2003-01-13: tuna melt.

2002-12-26: elephants like to paint?

2002-12-13: eggnog is proof that god loves us.

2002-12-09: ryo-ohki?

2002-11-12: phlegm is a neat-looking word.

2002-11-08: these boots were made for walkin'. er, no wait, they were made for SEX. ha ha.

2002-11-07: constantly commenting about tea.

2002-10-18: wild wild west bbq day.

2002-10-03: vroom vroom.

2002-10-02: i beat liza at scrabble becuase I AM SMARTER THAN SHE IS.

2002-10-01: 'cuz tennesse sucks in the summer.

2002-09-23: it is also the 3-year anniversay of my diary. that's a long time to be continually writing stupid, stupid entries.

2002-09-18: this letter isn't really about anything at all.

2002-09-17: it's too soft and delicate to put between my legs.

2002-09-13: gee ricky, i'm really sorry your mom blew up.

2002-09-12: how are we going to get real drugs in this town? we can't even get CABLE!

2002-09-10: quality entries always.

2002-09-09: rollerskating through the park.

2002-09-06: if a terrorist punched your mother in the face IT WOULD BE BAD.

2002-09-04: molilf, totally.

2002-08-29: i need to do laundry like, really bad. also, buy film.

2002-08-28: bom bomp chicka wow-ow.

2002-08-23: whoa-oh. we're halfway there.

2002-06-28: for felicitious17.

2002-06-11: NO CAKE FOR YOU.

2002-06-05: the only purpose of this is to see if anyone will buy me things. good luck, me!!

6/3/01: go to http://ginger.nodata.org/roadtrip

2002-05-31: spit.

2002-05-27: everyone deserves to be loved.

2002-05-21: if i wanted chocolate-covered fruit, i would go to disneyworld and buy a frozen chocolate banana. DUH.

2002-05-07: jack's neat flaming shit.

2002-05-02: minnesota girls.

2002-04-30: also i got a job today.

2002-04-29: sucking fucky!

2002-04-22: loserfish dot org.

2002-04-20: cowboy take me away.

2002-04-16: i'm pretty sure my invitation to the mansion is on it's way.

2002-04-14: life is nothing if you're not obsessed.

2002-04-13: dave fucking attell.

2002-04-10: red white and pabst blue ribbon.

2002-04-08: other news in brief: car accidents, reading a lot, drinking a lot, hi laurie, i was on jeopardy says ginger, macaroni and cheese is delicious, hey look! it's a cat, no money.

2002-03-26: pulp.

2002-03-25: little black organizer.

2002-03-23: 11) this laptop is very noicy!

2002-03-17: well throw me on the floor and make me write a bad check.

2002-03-16: what does a 300lb chicken say?

2002-02-26: i can't walk from one end of the apartment to the other without getting out of breath.

2002-02-24: call george about hell!


2002-02-13: there are new scottcards at http://scottcards.org!! maybe you should go look at them.

2002-02-02: oh two oh two oh two!!

2002-01-29: 9. he tells stupid jokes.

2002-01-29: 9. he tells stupid jokes.

2002-01-26: i am way cuter than scott.

2002-01-25: bowlbot 2000.

2002-01-20: hippy hippy shake.

2002-01-15: probably on my top ten list of favorite smells: dryer sheets.

2002-01-14: THE BABIES.

2002-01-13: i love the dead celebrities game.

2002-01-02: i haven't written in along time.

2001-12-14: ...

2001-12-12: rudolph the HONK nosed HONKHONK.

2001-12-04: one of those stupid quizzes.

2001-12-03: "do not plan on getting any sex OR any yogurt if you're just going to make fun of me."

2001-11-29: poor little frogs.

2001-11-28: hooray for the fun, is the pudding done?

2001-11-19: everyone thinks heath is gay.

2001-11-18: staring at the sky.

2001-11-13: don't be sad.

2001-11-08: i don't want jelly, i want to fucking jam!

2001-11-06: pet peeve #31: things that get stuck in my teeth.

2001-10-31: SEND A SCOTTCARD.

2001-10-25: beer, galaga, marshmallow and chocolate cookies.

2001-10-25: i got a little red bullet.

2001-10-22: that face is either a "i'm going to puke" face or a "i'm so pissed at liza right now" face.

2001-10-19: if you leave a dvd playing and walk away from it, it's kind of annoying to listen to the same 30 second music loop over and over and over and over!

2001-10-15: bork bork bork.

2001-10-14: christmas in burritoville.

2001-10-12: mouse-sex.

2001-09-26: there's a reason i'm typing this at 3 o'clock in the morning.

2001-09-25: i don't really have anything to write to you about.

2001-09-17: meowy birthday?

2001-09-16: even robots.

2001-09-14: i wanna live in another town, uh huh, and feel the concrete freshly flowing over my feet. uh huh. and i know i'm not original.

2001-09-05: cpt. blizzard.

2001-09-03: freshly cut grass smells excluded.

2001-09-02: i am 2817 times the rock star that marky mark is!

2001-08-28: someone on tv just said "when i have a headache, it feels like a 300lb man is tap-dancing on my brain"!!! that is a really good mental picture.

2001-08-22: i will most likely die in 26 seconds.

2001-08-02: gratuitous.

2001-07-30: thats a whole lotta milk.

2001-07-16: folding.

2001-07-14: thebeautifulpeople, duh NUH nuh.

2001-07-12: today is thursday.

2001-06-25: bye bye bluestar.

2001-06-20: i am working on a song, and will upload it as soon as i finish recording!

2001-06-18: grrrrrowl chomp chomp.

2001-06-14: sent-items (part one).

2001-06-13: if ($internet =~ /[a-zA-Z]+\sloves\sscott!/) { $scottloves = $internet; };

2001-06-11: birthdaysex.

2001-06-04: kerplunk.

2001-06-03: my birthday is in one (1) week.

2001-05-25: "this is her mom, but i will let her know."

2001-05-20: dawson. thats a good name, i think.

2001-05-09: this entry uses some dirty terminology. sorry.

2001-05-08: align align align tugboat align.

2001-05-01: i want 14 bowls of wonton soup.

2001-04-28: ladder.

2001-04-22: stupid gameshownetwork doesnt run family feud on weekends!

2001-04-17: im just kidding! heath cant have my kitty. it goes to. um. megan.

2001-04-15: coo-coo!

2001-04-10: bucky, mmm.

2001-04-02: bride of the future.

2001-03-29: sigh.

2001-03-29: bff?

2001-03-28: that chicken and mashed potatoes stuff used to be really good, too.

2001-03-27: perhaps i reckon you should shut the fuck up.

2001-03-14: nothing to write home about.

2001-03-14: cute cat.


2001-03-02: only you can prevent forest fires!

2001-03-01: thursays.

2001-03-01: (a better kisser, too.)

2001-02-27: dont let them shoot your kite down.

2001-02-22: bb bb bbb bb bopbop be bop bbb bbbb. thththththwapthwaptwhap!

2001-02-20: every cloud doesn't mean a storm.

2001-02-18: tick tock boom.

2001-02-14: cold coffee in my coffee cup.

2001-02-13: my stomach is grumbling.

2001-02-08: good day, bad day.

2001-02-07: SEND ME A CD NOW.

2001-01-25: on a side note.

2001-01-25: let the oil flow!

2001-01-24: "maybe you should just wear sunglasses all the time?"

2001-01-21: my cat is crazy. im sorry, heath!!

2001-01-20: you're so hot i love you.

2001-01-19: dude!

2001-01-19: optic white.

2001-01-19: ps. this is not scott.

2001-01-19: litter box.

2001-01-19: appletato.

2001-01-19: hi, you. hi.

2001-01-18: losing my balls wouldn't help!

2001-01-18: soup.

2001-01-18: i have the best jokes.

2001-01-18: I LOVE THE INTERNET!

2001-01-18: homo.

2001-01-18: please please. please?

2001-01-18: no longer MIA.

2001-01-18: i have cramps.

2001-01-17: pants.

2001-01-12: jude, where's my car?

2001-01-09: i hate the red hot chili peppers.

2001-01-07: paxton, illinois.

2001-01-05: fangtastic.

2001-01-03: suck it.

2001-01-02: haha, don't listen to what i said in that last entry!

2001-01-02: let's have sex, okay?

2001-01-02: reading old diary entries makes me feel weird. (not my entries, just. entries, you know?)

2000-12-29: boys who like girls who like girls who like boys.

2000-12-28: chomp.

2000-12-21: dreams and aspirations, a list.

2000-12-14: DUH.

2000-12-12: a christmas contest!

2000-12-05: a boring entry about stickyness, work, and how much the predators suck fat ass.

2000-12-01: blank.

2000-11-30: where's your id badge, sonny?

2000-11-29: high-excitement, fast-paced.

2000-11-27: you draw such beautiful pictures.

2000-11-26: summary: unbreakable is bad. being sick is bad. pink is good.

2000-11-25: he came to life because of god.

2000-11-24: turkey turkey on my plate.

2000-11-22: dumb.

2000-11-21: speak, ubu, speak.

2000-11-20: no. i am not eating my cat for lunch.

2000-11-20: top floor. bottom buzzer.

2000-11-17: I AM A GOOD DRIVER.

2000-11-15: i hate spaghetti.

2000-11-14: i forgot to finish this.

2000-11-10: the gateway arch is very big.

2000-11-08: fat.

2000-11-07: vote bush! for liza! she'll love you if you do!

2000-11-03: go ahead! throw your vote away!

2000-11-01: i deserve to get my ass kicked.

2000-10-30: pinky.

2000-10-29: hip hop you don't stop.

2000-10-26: liza eats worms.

2000-10-25: liza eats worms.

2000-10-23: rocky raccoon.

2000-10-21: 20001021

2000-10-19: this is scott.

2000-10-16: zombies unfinished.

2000-10-06: the smartest country in the universe.

2000-10-05: straight like an arrow.

2000-10-03: cd /pub | more beer

2000-10-02: a listing of crap i have been collecting!

2000-09-28: things that i love, pt. 3.

2000-09-26: yeehaw!

2000-09-22: hello! are you a publisher? like, a book publisher? if so, hello mr or mrs book publisher! would you like to offer me a book deal? i could even draw pictures if you'd like, too! i have crayons, you don't need to provide any.

2000-09-22: oh! shit, i just broke this tomato! could you buy me a new one?

2000-09-20: new york city boy.

2000-09-18: 16/20, really.

2000-09-13: all that, and pokey sticks, too!

2000-09-08: ribbit, kiss! (oh yeah. in that last diary entry, you know? i was on the left. making some sort of retarded jesture with my arms. thats me! yes.)

2000-09-06: Lizeydize: yes. baby. spank me and call me internet.

2000-08-26: mewwy chwistmas mistah pottah! mewwy!

2000-08-26: hi

2000-08-22: i wished for chocolate cake! bake me one, bitch!

2000-08-16: boring entry.

2000-08-03: august third two point oh.

2000-08-03: madly in love with me! (that is not a fake smile. shut up. i hate you.)

2000-08-02: i kissed a boy.

2000-07-31: borderlove.

2000-07-18: herpaphobia, rah!

2000-07-12: it's not someone else, it's the dream of someone else.

2000-07-07: i want to see 'the perfect storm'. please take me to this movie (after you drive to wisconsin to entertain me, i mean.)

2000-07-05: ljkfdsla.

2000-07-03: man, you are soooooooooo good lookin'!

2000-06-28: this new ventilation system at work is making me sneeze a lot.

2000-06-26: so much fun, i just wet my pants right there on the spot!!

2000-06-22: eat eat eat foody food food.

2000-06-21: stargazing.

2000-06-20: i have a supersecret diary where i confess my love to you on a daily basis! and i bet a million dollars you cant find it.

2000-06-19: "you really want a big hunk of metal in your mouth?"

2000-06-12: i may soon be dead if this behavior continues.

2000-06-08: al3x!

2000-06-05: my weekend. by: scott.

2000-06-02: free beer!

2000-05-26: the word 'cock' makes me laugh.

2000-05-25: fucking diary.

2000-05-23: a collection of short stories, by scott.

2000-05-17: the story of alexander the robot.

2000-05-11: another takeover.

2000-05-10: i have a purple and white oral-b toothbrush with a little light-blue stripe on the bristles. if your toothbrush matches mine, please e-mail me, and we can have sex.

2000-05-09: aflkjl;kf;jlf;ljkasfsf;dlja

2000-05-07: Lizeydize: i'm a shrimp!

2000-05-04: "hey! this is where we saw the bunnies humping!"

2000-05-03: you masturbate more than anyone else on the planet!

2000-05-02: attack of the killer scarlet toaster.

2000-05-01: where the heart is.

2000-04-27: spilling seeds all over the bathroom wall.

2000-04-20: a puzzle of sorts.

2000-04-19: ray yingling, and how this diary enry doesn't mention him even once.

2000-04-18: i love liza, for real this time.

2000-04-17: i love liza.

2000-04-13: hi. sorry.

2000-04-10: we're gonna celebrate and party with you, come on now!

2000-04-10: john cusack.

2000-04-06: there is nothing better in the morning than a little cup of hot apple cider.

2000-04-05: possibly a little too link-happy.

2000-04-04: so, there are two potatoes waiting on the corner for a bus. one of them is a prostitute, and one is a waitress. how can you tell which is which? (the prostitute is the one with the sticker that says "idaho"! haha!)

2000-04-03: i have a southern accent.

2000-03-31: "caught like a liza in headlights"?

2000-03-30: atlanta bread co.

2000-03-28: rimshot.

2000-03-22: juicy juice.

2000-03-22: dad.

2000-03-19: confuzzle.

2000-03-16: learn all about scott.

2000-03-09: send a scottcard!

2000-03-08: listen... do you smell something?

2000-03-06: boom boom boom boom.

2000-02-29: what's a babycake?

2000-02-28: josh's new puppy peed in his bed.

2000-02-18: choose your own adventure!!

2000-02-14: valentines day can suck it.

2000-02-10: he's the one they call dr feeeelgoood!

2000-02-07: ten things you shouldn't be: fat, wrinkled, ugly, smelly, insipid, torpid, hairy, prissy, plagueful, or egocentric.

2000-02-03: yield to the princess.

2000-02-02: INCHWORM!!!!

2000-02-01: snip sinp.

2000-01-31: dude is sketchy!

2000-01-28: a dedication to liza q. potter.

2000-01-26: true love!

2000-01-18: things that i love, pt 2.

2000-01-17: bob dylan never wrote songs about me.

2000-01-14: softer and fuzzier.

2000-01-12: dillweed!

2000-01-11: be a good citizen! help rescue a poor kitten which somehow fell down an 18ft well!!

2000-01-05: wednesdays aren't much fun.

2000-01-04: i don't really have anything to say today but i am writing anyway just for the heck of it.

2000-01-01: whiny y2k ramblings.

1999-12-30: 6. hug more.

1999-12-29: inconceivable!!

1999-12-28: i have a cold. ugh. my nose feels like it is about to fall off.

1999-12-27: very short little entry.

1999-12-21: okay, i wrote something nice and long for you, liza. you big dummy. now quit your whining! (for everyone who isn't liza: hello! how are you? those are some really nice shoes you're wearing today!)

: the bestest one yet!

1999-12-20: nothing worth reading. really.

1999-12-14: christmas wish list, part 1.

1999-12-13 : celine thinks that 'bagel' should be spelled 'bagle', becaue then it would be like a beagle! except, it'd be bread. and it probably wouldn't bark as much.

1999-12-06: i bought a soap dispenser a week ago, and it is shaped like a cute little ducky. it lives in my bathroom and quackquackquacks happily all day long.

1999-12-03: pokescottmon.

1999-12-02: josh is a disco-dancing megadiva!

1999-11-29: help! help! i'm an apple!

1999-11-23: it's really hard to type when my cat keeps trying to take a nap on the keyboard!

1999-11-17: things that i love, pt 1.

1999-11-15: watch out! runaway kitten!

1999-11-12: dreaming of tornados.

1999-11-11: sleepy nakedboy.

1999-11-10: world of laughter, world of fun.

1999-11-09: cake! YUM!

1999-11-08: m is for milkshake.

1999-11-05: saucyless crotch.

1999-11-02: i wonder if they have any granola bars in the break room? i'm going to go check!

1999-10-28: i could really use some nudity over here.

1999-10-27: i really need to remember to write these things more often. slack slack slack.!

1999-10-25: "smitten" rhymes with "kitten".

1999-10-21: oh yeah, i upload the illustrations at night. when i get home. in case you hadn't realized yet.

1999-10-20: chasing rubber bands.

1999-10-18: nude on the moon!!

1999-10-15: nudity and horses.

1999-10-14: diary schmiary.

1999-10-13: supercubicle to the rescue!

1999-10-12: i'm an internet superstare, link to my diary!

1999-10-11: unlike some people, i did not make out with any girls this weekend.

1999-10-08: makin' diary entries 'til the breaka breaka dawn.

1999-10-07: "there is nothing stupid about masturbation!" --liza potter.

1999-10-06: "eating poop." (that was what josh said i should put for my short description when i asked him just now.)

1999-10-05: weird, dream, dead, fall, airplane, shave.

1999-10-04: oh, i forgot to mention! when i got home on saturday night i saw a huge racoon on my patio! it was neat. it looked like a big fuzzy cat with a striped tail. but then i started chasing it with my flashlight and it ran away. :(

1999-10-01: meowmeowmeow meow.

1999-09-30: i am not scott schneider.

1999-09-29: come see my headboard. ;)

1999-09-28: very serious entry!!

1999-09-27: breasts &masturbation.

1999-09-24: alcohol, orgasms, and my cat.

1999-09-23: my first diary entry (tm).

i used to write a lot.

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